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Compressor Oils

Compressor Oils


Cetus HiPerSYN Oils

Cetus® HiPerSYN Oils are synthetic compressor, bearing and gear oils.

Formulated with premium base oils, and further enhanced by a unique additive system that provide outstanding thermal and oxidation stability, high viscosity index, high flash point, low pour point and excellent hydrolytic stability.

Available in ISO grades 32, 46, 68, 100, 150 and 220.

Cetus PAO

Cetus® PAO oil is a premium performance, synthetic compressor oil based on polyalphaolefin technology

Available in ISO grades 46 and 68.

Compressor Oil EP VDL

Compressor Oil EP VDL are a range of high performance compressor lubricants. These lubricants are formulated with high quality paraffinic base oils combined with an additive system designed to promote oxidation resistance, corrosion protection and robust extreme pressure characteristics.

Compressor Oil EP VDL offer smooth, economical performance and reliable protection against piston and valve deposit formation, helping reduce the risk of fire or explosion in compressors under severe service conditions.


Turbo Compressor Oil 46

Turbo Compressor Oil 46 is a high performance rust and oxidation inhibited lubricant specially designed for the lubrication of turbo compressors in ammonia compression systems. Turbo Compressor Oil 46 is formulated with a special non-acidic rust inhibitor designed to help resist harmful ammonia soap formation in high speed gearboxes and couplings

Chill Oil 68

High quality oil for lubrication of refrigeration and air conditioning compressors formulated from selected paraffinic base oils. 

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